Pricing & Policies

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/ Class

4 week class pass



2 classes per week



/ month

3 classes per week



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4 week class per week



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5 classes per week



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Terms & Conditions


Monthly tuition is due prior to the 1st of each month. A $10 late fee is added for tuition not paid by the 3rd of each month.  If it has reached the third week your child will not be allowed to take class. If it is recital season you must pay tuition prior to recital or your child does not perform. 

$25.00 Startup/Registration free

Your child must come to the class with the correct clothing attire as well as shoes or they will be asked to sit out.

If your child is being disrespectful after a warning they will be asked to sit down or leave class.

Abide by dress code

Absolutely no bullying or cliques are allowed in the studio. If this behavior is observed it will be discussed with the child and their parent. If it continues the family may be asked to leave the studio. 

Recital costumes; No refunds once paid. 

If you go on vacation your child can do a make up class.  No refunds for missed classes. No paying for half the month. When paying for a class you are paying for the full month.

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